How To’s in LaTex/LyX

  1. Installation

  2. How to make your first yourarticle.lyx?

  3. How to insert citations in LyX?

  4. LyX- How to insert LaTex code; using ERT ?

  5. How to specify conference mode in IEEEtran.lyx?

  6. How to use Longtable in LyX?

  7. How to extract cited references from a large Bibtex file?

  8. How to add table caption in longtable?

  9. How to compress and sort citations?

  10. How to add header to IEEE conference class and remove page number?

  11. Where is the LyX generated .aux file?

  12. How to add Biography in article prepared using IEEETran.lyx  template?

  13. Solution for LyX error: Reconfiguration failed

  14. Solution for LyX error: article.layout is not usable

  15. LaTex- How to add header and remove page numbers in IEEETran.cls?

  16. How to export yourarticle.lyx from LyX to LaTex ?

  17. How to use JabRef+Google Scholar for creating BibTex database?

  18. LyX Solution to: Error converting to loadable format

  19. LyX/LaTex Solution to: Sorted references in the paper text

  20. LyX- How to customize keyboard shortcuts ?

  21. LyX Error: You haven’t loaded the option english yet

  22. LyX- Some tips for multiline equations

  23. Lyx- How to define Multiple authors with common affiliations?

  24. Lyx- How to define Multiple authors with different affiliations?

  25. LyX+LaTex- Preparing article for Elsevier EES

  26. LyX+LaTex- Submitting article to Elsevier EES

  27. LyX/LaTex- Copying equations from MathType

  28. LyX Error- Opening yourarticle.lyx written with older LyX version

  29. LyX Error- ! Package inputenc Error Keyboard character undefined

  30. Updated Solution to: How to Insert biography in IEEETran.Lyx

  31. LyX/Latex- IEEE citation style for webpage in BIbTex

  32. Lyx- Solution to caption font size and float figures in IEEETran.lyx

  33. LyX-Solution to PDFExpress and Missing Fonts Error

  34. LyX- How to specify single column format in IEEEtran.lyx?

  35. LyX- Preparing a basic Beamer presentation-Title Slide.

  36. LyX- Preparing a basic Beamer presentation- Content Slides

  37. LyX- Some useful tips for Beamer presentation.

  38. How to Link articles to  Bibtex database using Jabref

  39. LyX- How to install new.layout and .module

  40. LyX- How to use multiple Bibtex files?

  41. IITG – EEE PhD thesis template

  42. LyX – How to change section/figure number from 0.1 to 1

  43. Some useful LyX tips….


LyXLyx logo

 LyX is my personal favorite word processing software. While working with it, I encounter some very simple and some complex problems.  This page is an attempt to bring  the solutions under one page. Most of the solutions I found online, but the sources were scattered all over the net. In addition, I solved some of the problem with a different approach.  I hope this effort will be useful for some.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know.

The BibTeX logo, made with the same method as ...

The BibTeX logo, made with the same method as used for Image:LaTeX logo.svg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Logo for ImageMagickEnglish: Python logo Deutsch: Python Logo


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